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Radial drilling machine support in terms of policy

Number of visits: Date:2016-10-31 15:05
Entered in 2014, environmental protection, low carbon and more attention by the people under the simple introduction below; radial drilling machine support in terms of policy As an important aspect of the resource recycling industry, the energy saving and environmental protection policies, radial drilling machine in the auto parts andmechanical and electrical products and manufacturing will be focused on the development of. Remanufacturing is to scrap auto parts, engineering machinery, milling machine,drilling machine, metal cutting machine for mass production of professional repair,remanufacturing products meet the quality and performance of the same with the original product. Compared with the product, remanufacturing can be 60% energy saving, material saving 70%, saving the cost of 50%. Before, by the national development and Reform Commission and other ministriesissued "on the lead that promote the development of remanufacturing industry views",the future will deepen the pilot auto parts remanufacturing. In order to promote theengine, gearbox, generator auto parts re manufacturing as the key point, and we will extend to the drive shaft, oil pump, water pump, compressor and other components.At the same time, continue to promote large-scale renovation of old tires. The future will promote engineering machinery, machine tool remanufacturing,organize engineering machinery, industrial electrical equipment, machine tool equipment (drilling and milling machine, radial drilling machine, milling machine, lathe,planer sawing machine, etc.), re manufacturing mining machinery, railway locomotiveequipment, ship and office information equipment etc.. Radial drilling machine is a necessary means of processing, has a wide range ofdemand in the steel, automobile, electronics and other fields. As taking the rocker drilling machine as the core business, and can be widely used in the manufacturing field.
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