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The transmission system of vertical milling machine

Number of visits: Date:2016-10-31 15:05
1, the main transmission:
The main drive mechanism is provided with a main gear box and vertical milling head, composed of a power drive flange type 4kw motor, the sliding gear and a pair of bevel gear transmission, power will be transmitted to the spindle.
The main transmission routes: the main motor gear bevel gear shaft
Vertical rotary milling head is a ring gear through the gear shaft with a section of arc obtained, gear is fixed on the body of milling head, milling head in the rotation range and angle, can be fixed using four T screws. In order to ensure the accuracy of vertical spindle working table, when the vertical milling head in the middle of zero position using the precise positioning taper pin.
2, work station
Working table arranged at the upper part of the lifting table, table vertical, transverse hung mechanical feed device, are respectively connected with the longitudinal, transverse screw. In the selection table longitudinal, transverse manual or motorized feed from the feeder, state control handle control. In the "stop" position when the handwheel manual, can be realized. In the "feed" stall maneuver feed, by choosing the feeding speed of 8 different three shift handle feeder, detailed specific feeding machine instructions.
3, the lifting platform
The lifting platform is located in front of the bed, and by the rail link, its clearance adjustment is realized by the oblique iron, lift vertical lifting by the two bevel gear drive screw, screw nut to achieve.
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