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Online fault diagnosis system of NC lathe CNC system

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Online diagnosis system and is the integration of equipment diagnosis and processdiagnosis, form a system. Diagnosis and processing equipment diagnosis systemonline, can flexibly adapt and program monitoring point size and the signal. According to the monitoring point can be assembled into a large, small diagnostic device, can also adapt to the monitoring points and the number of running signal centralization or decentralization, the equipment diagnosis system (diagnosis, simple vibrationprecision vibration diagnosis) and process diagnosis system (data collection and analysis capabilities, current diagnosis, stroke diagnosis, loading diagnostic) group asa system. Because of the small diagnostic device, monitoring points can be increased to 16 (can be run, rotation signal), according to the minimum unit is introduced, based on the expected size can also increase. Conclusion: on-line equipment of machining process diagnosis system of vibrationsignal analysis and processing, according to the results of the diagnosis, as early asthe abnormal signs, the quality defects and the sudden failure of nip in the bud, thevibration diagnosis method as the key, the current collecting machine, equipment usefrequency, load and pump, cylinder stroke volume, operating time and other data,determine the diagnosis results, improve production efficiency, the maintenancerationalization, to prolong the service life of equipment, reduce the repair work canplay a big role. The integration of diagnosis, monitoring, equipment maintenance, repair maintenance personnel will be touring and vibration diagnosis integration, aims to improve efficiency, which in addition to the weight, maintenance work also for the corresponding temperature, current etc.. In addition, the data recorder repairdirectory function can improve operation, maintenance can be treated at the scene,do not need to forecast and analysis, this is the advantage of on-line monitoring system. The monitoring, diagnostic equipment together with production and Pluto ratio ofonline diagnosis system of equipment, can be connected with the production management system network, according to the important process equipment and the monitored point Lou, can choose online monitoring period and the connection points,can also introduce and extend the flexible system, this is the online diagnosis system of equipment with high efficiency. Repair system probability and the security operationas the goal. Fault detection of Huazhong I CNC system in various ways and methods of milling,some of the faults are integrated machine, electricity, liquid fault, can be in different circumstances, the different diagnosis method.
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