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  • Name: CNC Belt Grinding Machine 2MK5950 / H
  • Num: 2MK5950/H
  • Time: 2014-04-30
  • Views : 184
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Product details
◆ The machine is a surface finishing area, used to improve the surface roughness of the workpiece, the shape of the milling process to ensure the accuracy of the process.
◆ is a flexible grinding, because of the servo control of the pressure axis, contact wheel driven abrasive belt constantly adjust the grinding force, so that constant, also known as constant grinding.
◆ "6 + 1" axis control technology: 6 axis (X \ Y \ Z, A \ B \ C) linkage +1 servo pressure axis.
◆ Typical machining parts: Steam turbine blades, see the following figure.
  At present, the vast majority of the blade polishing hand-polished, labor-intensive, quality is difficult to guarantee. With the increasing size of the workpiece, the artificial has been incompetent, the domestic key blade manufacturers to purchase imported equipment to process, equipment, expensive, high cost; technical complexity, especially programming requirements, foreign technical services are often not guaranteed. Therefore, the price advantage is self-evident, can replace imports.  
Project Parameter
Workbench Dimensions (W × L),mm 460×2870
  Maximum load,kg 300
Structural parameters Headstock - tailstock center height,mm 260
  The distance from the center of the contact wheel to the work surface,mm 0~660
  Taper of A - axis taper Mo's4#
  B-axis taper taper number Mo's3#
  C-axis taper taper number Mo's3#
Processing blade range Maximum length,mm 1850
  Maximum width,mm 500
  Maximum weight,kg 150
Motion axis travel X direction (left and right),mm 1920
  Y direction (front and rear),mm 500
  Z direction (up and down),mm 400
  A-axis rotation,° 360
  B-axis swing,° ±45
  C-axis swing,° ±80
磨头 Belt length,mm 3500
  Belt width,mm 10~50
  Maximum linear speed of abrasive belt, m/s 30
  Contact Wheel Diameter,mm Ф40~300
  Contact wheel width,mm 10~50
  Power of grinding head motor,kW 3
Motion Axis Accuracy Positioning Accuracy of Linear Motion Axis(X/Y/Z),mm 0.042/0.025/0.022
  Repetitive Positioning Accuracy of Linear Motion Axis(X/Y/Z),mm 0.020/0.015/0.012
  Positioning accuracy of rotary motion axes(A/B/C),〃 28/28/28
  Repetitive Positioning Accuracy of Rotating Motion(A/B/C),〃 16/16/16
运动轴速度 X, Y, Z rapid traverse speed,m/min 20
  A-axis fast-forward speed,r/min 65
  B-axis fast-forward speed,r/min 12
  C-axis fast-forward speed,r/min 20
Pressure axis Response accuracy,% ±10
  Response pressure,N 50~200
  Response time,s 0.1
  Pressure axis stroke,mm 50
Power and gas supply power supply 380V,50Hz
  Machine input power,kW 20
  Air pressure,MPa 0.5~0.7
other Grinding machine Overall dimensions (L × W × H),cm 552×287×270
  Grinding machine net weight,kg 7800