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  • Name: CNC forming grinder / CNC surface grinder
  • Num: YZ166
  • Time: 2014-04-30
  • Views : 163
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◆ German grinder structure, advanced concepts.
◆ Worktable drive is rack and pinion structure, servo motor through the gear box rotation gear, rather than conventional hydraulic drive mechanism is digital control, to achieve the X \ Y \ Z three-axis linkage, not only grinding plane, and Able to grind curved surfaces.
◆ Spindle support for the static and dynamic bearing, high rigidity, strong support, vibration absorption, long life.
◆ If the combination of grinding wheel, can be used for wide-face molding grinding.
◆ Spindle installed the United States produced dynamic balance device.
◆ three-axis rail.
◆ Germany SPN gear and rack.
◆ FANUC 0i-mate system.
◆ full protection.
project unit Specifications
Machine Tool Specifications
Worktable size mm 3000×500
The maximum load of the table kg 1500
The distance from the centerline of the spindle to the table mm 250~750
Worktable longitudinal movement (X axis)
Moving speed m/min 0~30
Maximum travel mm 3200
Minimum feedrate mm 0.01
positioning accuracy mm 0.01/300
Vertical movement of grinding head (Y axis)
Moving speed mm/min 0~500
Minimum feedrate mm 0.001
positioning accuracy mm 0.005/300
Horizontal movement of grinding head (Z axis)
Maximum travel mm 650
Continuous feed rate mm/min 0~1000
Minimum feedrate mm 0.001
positioning accuracy mm 0.005/300
Spindle, grinding wheel
Spindle motor power kW 37
Spindle rated speed r/min 1500
Spindle runout Axial mm 0.002
  Radial mm 0.002
Grinding wheel size (outer diameter × inner diameter × thickness) mm 560×240×100
Cooling device
Coolant flow l/min 200
Head m 20
Machine Dimension and Weight
Dimensions (L × W × H) mm 7000×2500×2700
Machine weight kg 15000