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  • Name: Vertical Horizontal Machining Center MC-VH63
  • Num: MC-VH63
  • Time: 2014-06-04
  • Views : 149
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◆ The machine tool has the spindle head automatic vertical and horizontal conversion function, with vertical and horizontal machining center of all functions
◆ Three-axis imported linear roller guide
◆ Direct drive system with preloaded screw
◆ Spindle head positioning using high-precision hard tooth surface gear positioning
  The main purpose
MC-VH50 / MC-VH63 Vertical Horizontal Machining Center is a kind of high-performance, high-efficiency, high-speed spindle automatic vertical and horizontal conversion, automatic tool change CNC machine tools, in the process can automatically exchange tool, The surface of the milling, drilling, reaming, boring, reaming, tapping and other processes of processing. Applicable to medium and small quantities, multi-species of the box-like parts of the song processing. Widely used in machinery, electronics sector of all walks of life, modern defense industry, automobiles, tractors, molds, light industrial machinery and other industries technological transformation, the ideal equipment replacement.
Name Unit The main parameters
Workbench (auxiliary table + round table) mm 630×700
Table indexing   1°×360
T-slot (slot number × slot width × spacing) mm 5×22×125
Worktable maximum load (auxiliary table / round table) kg 800
Workbench left and right travel (X axis) mm 1000
Worktable front and rear travel (Z axis) mm 800
Spindle box up and down travel (Y-axis) mm 740
Spindle centerline to table center distance (vertical) mm 0~800
Spindle end surface to the table distance (vertical) mm -60~680
Spindle center line to the table distance (horizontal) mm 60~800
Spindle end to table center distance (horizontal) mm -100~700
Taper number of spindle taper   BT50
Spindle speed r/min 20~3000
Main motor power Rated kW 7.5/11
Maximum (30 points overload) 15
Rapid traverse speed (X, Y, Z) mm/min 2400
Feedrate (X, Y, Z) mm/min 1~10000
Machining center minimum setting unit mm 0.001
Tool storage capacity   24
Select the knife mode   random
Maximum tool size diameter mm 110/200(Adjacent no knife)
length 400
Maximum tool weight kg 18
Tool exchange time (knife to knife) s 2.5
Maximum speed of turntable r/min 10
Dimensions (L × W × H) cm 380×270×275
Machining center weight kg 12000