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  • Name: Vertical Machining Center XH713G(VMC650)
  • Num: XH713G(VMC650)
  • Time: 2014-05-03
  • Views : 487
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Feature :
◆Machine tool bed and main casting are high intension and high quality cast iron. Wide bed, A –Line high intension and high rigidity column
◆Feed axis links directly with precision rolling -ball screw drive by servo motor and high precision no spaces coupling, has no back C lesrsnC6 error
◆Spindle units are drived by spindle motor and timing belt, noise is low, libration is small, heating power is a little
◆Machine tool way and rolling-ball screw drive are used of automatic time and ration lubrication system
◆Machine tool may select fourth axis NC rotary working -table or NC dividing head
◆Machine tool may select and use domestic or import CNC system
Name XH713G
Worktable size (L x W) 920×330mm
Max. loading capacity 300kg
T-slots 3×14×100mm
X-travel 650mm
Y-travel 400mm
Z-travel 500mm
Distance from spindle nose to table 100~600mm
Distance from spindle center to column 445mm
Spindle inner taper ISO40
Tool BT40
Spindle speed range 100~8000/10000r/min
Cutting speed (X 、 Y、Z ) 1-15000mm/min
Rapid speed (X 、 Y、Z ) 24000mm/min
Power of main motor 7.5kW/11kW
Spindle torque 47nm/70nm
Positioning accuracy ±0.006mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.004mm
Power supply 15kVA
Overall size(L×W×H) 211×204×205cm
Packing size(L×W×H) 222×213×222cm
Net weight/Gross weight 3000kg/3500kg
standard accessories
. wrenches
.Retention knob
. Collets

·X , Y axis Hiwin linear guide Way ( rapid travel speed 24m )
·Spindle speed 10000r / min
·CAT40 shrank
·HNC218M,GSK980M,KND1000M ( etc. control system )
·Full cover
·No. 4 axis