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  • Name: Vertical & Horizontal Machining Center MC-VH50
  • Num: MC-VH50
  • Time: 2014-06-02
  • Views : 246
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◆Its spindle nose has the function of automatic vertical & horizontal transform. The machine center has all the function of vertical machine center & horizontal machine center
◆Indexing table 1°×360 , gear plate positioning , high precision positioning
◆X - axis, y - axis guide way are quenching and laminating, Z- axis is imported linear roller guide
◆Preloader leader Screw with the directness drive system
◆Spindle nose positioning is JRTR high precision gear plate positioning
◆Positioning precision: X, Y, Z: 0.015 mm B: 10 ' '
◆Repositioning precision: X, Y, Z: 0.01 mm B: 5 ' '
◆The span of Z - axis guide way is 600 mm
◆Headstock is simple and reliable counterweight balance
Standard part
·CNC system : Siemens 802D SL
·Power of spindle motor : 6.25 / 7.75kw
·Spindle speed : 3000r / min
·Cam manipulator Tool magazine : 24
·Electronic hand wheel
·Lighting equipment
·Auto lubrication system
·Spindle tool coolant system
·Rigid tapping
·RS232 interface
·Manual air gun
·Cutting cooling box                   
Special configuration
·CNC system : Siemens 840DE
·Spindle speed : 6000r / min
·Continuous rotary working- table
·Length DSET and edge finder of tool
·Electric box Constant Temperature Devices
·Oil and water splitter Filter      
Items MC-VH50
Worktable dimensions(L×W) 500×500mm
Worktable indexing 1°×360
T shaped slot
(Number of slots×width of slots×interval)
Maximum load capacity of worktable 500kg
X axis travel 700mm
Z axis travel 810mm
Y axis travel 700mm
Distance from center of spindle to center of worktable(vertical) -0-810mm
Distance from spindle nose to worktable(vertical) -10~690mm
Distance from center to spindle to worktable(horizontal) 50-750mm
Distance from spindle nose to center of worktable(vertical) -70~740mm
Spindle taper BT40
Spindle speed 20~3000r/min
Spindle torque  
Spindle motor 15/18.5kw
Rapid traveling( X 、Y、 Z ) 2400mm/min
Feed speed( X 、Y、 Z ) 1-10000mm/min
Minimum enactment unit of machine tool 0.001mm
Feeding motor( X 、Y、 Z ) 16、16、27N.m
Storage of tool 30把
Tool selection mode 随机
Maximum tool dimensions(Diameter×Length) ¢77×320mm
Maximum tool weight 8kg
Tool change time(tool to tool) 2.5s
Maximum speed of table 5r/min
Drive motor of table 11N.m
Overall size(L×W×H) 365×280×234cm
Weight of machine tool 14000kg