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  • Name: Flat bed CNC Lathe CK6132
  • Num: CK6132
  • Time: 2014-07-06
  • Views : 326
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◆The surface of guideway is delt with quenching and precision grinding, its precision has good stability
◆Simple manipulation and low maintenance cost
Model Ck6132×500/750
Swing over bed 330mm
Swing over carriage 148mm
Max length of work piece 450/700mm
Spindle bore 38mm
Taper of spindle bore Mo No. 5
External taper of spindle D1-4
Spindle speed number  
Range of spindle speed 100~875r/min 875~2500r/min
Power of main motor 3kw
X - axle travel 190mm
Z - axle travel 500/750mm
X-axle rapid speed 2.5m/min
Z -axle rapid speed 5m/min
X-direction min setting unit 0.01mm
Z-direction min setting unit 0.001mm
Nos. of tool position 4工位
Max size of tool holder 16×16mm
Diameter of tailstock sleeve 45mm
Travel of tailstock sleeve 120mm
Taper of tailstock sleeve Mohs No.3
Net weight of machine tool 610/650kg
Gross weight of machine tool 740/780kg
Sizes of package 168×114×201cm/193×114×201cm
Standard part
·HNC -21TD
·4Posltlon electric turret
·Three Jaw chuck
·Power chuck
Standard accessories
·External chuck jaws
·Reduction sleeves
·Dead center
·Oil gun