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  • Name: Flat bed CNC Lathe CK6156/CK6166
  • Num: CK6156/CK6166
  • Time: 2014-07-14
  • Views : 312
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Standard part
·GSK 980 TA1
·φ250 Three jaw chuck
·4 Position electric turret
·Auto lubrication system
·Full cover
Standard accessories
·0i1 gun
·Reductions sleeve & center
KND90Ti  SIEMENS 802C , HNC-21TD , FANUC Oi-mate-TD
·Power chuck
·6 position electric turret
    Features :
◆Range of gear wheel shift, variable frequency control and spindle speed change is wide
◆Whole stand , high rigidity , stable precision
Model CK6156 CK6166
Swing over bed ¢560mm(22") ¢660mm(26")
Swing over cross slide ¢355mm(14") ¢440mm(17")
Distance between centers 1000(40")/1420(56") 1500mm(59")
Main stock    
Spindle nose D1-8 D1-8
Spindle bore ¢80mm(3-1/8") ¢105(4")
Taper of spindle bore No.7 Morse ¢113(1:20)4档/MT5
Range of spindle speed 4 changes, 32~2000r/min 10~1500
X-travel 280mm(11") 370mm(14-1/2")
Z-travel 1420mm(56") 1460mm(57-1/2")
X rapid speed 3000mm/min(118"/min) 7500mm/min(295"/min)
Z rapid Speed 6000mm/min(236"/min) 9000mm/min(354"/min)
Min. input 0.001mm(0.0000349") 0.001mm(0.0000349")
X positioning accuracy ±0.015mm(±0.0006") ±0.022mm(±0.00087")
Z positioning accuracy ±0.0225mm(±0.000886") ±0.032mm(±0.00126")
X repositioning accuracy ±0.006mm(±0.00024") ±0.006mm(±0.00024")
Z repositioning accuracy ±0.01mm(±0.000394") ±0.01mm(±0.000394")
Nos. of tool position 4  
Max. Section Of tool 25×25mm(1"×1") 25×25mm(1"×1")
Dia. of tailstock sleeve ¢75mm(3") ¢90mm(3-1/2")
Travel Of tailstock sleeve ¢180mm(7") ¢235mm(9-1/4")
Taper of tailstock sleeve No. 5 Morse No. 5 Morse
Power of main motor 7.5kw(10HP) 7.5kw(10HP)
Power of coolant pump 0.09kw(1/8HP) 0.09kw(1/8HP)
Dimension and weight    
Overall dimension ( L×7.5kw(10HP)W×H ) 310×122×193cm  
Packing size ( L×W×H ) 340×140×224cm  
Net weight 2350kg  
Gross weigh 2750kg