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  • Name: C0632D/36D/36V
  • Num: C0632D/36D/36V
  • Time: 2014-04-24
  • Views : 309
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Standard Accessories
·Reduction Sleeve 5/3#
·Center MT3#(Dead Center, Alloy
·Three Jaw Chuck 160mm
·Chip Tray
·Splash Guard
·Tool Box & Tools 1set        
Special Accessories
·Four Jaw Chuck (200mm)
·Face Plate
·Driving Plate
·Quick Change Tool Post
·Steady Rest
·Follow Rest
·Coolant System
·Taper Turning
·Live Center
·Drill Chuck
·Chuck Cover      
·Tool Post Cover
·Leadscrew Cover
·Work Light
◆ No change gear in tool box.
◆ The thread category complete, not only cutting metric thread and imperial thread, but also cutting diametral thread and module thread.
◆ Minimum Cross feed 0.01mm/rev, Minimum Longitudinal feed 0.046mm/rev.
MODELS C0632D C0636D
Swing over bed 330mm(13") 360mm(14")
Swing over cross slide 198mm(7-25/32") 224mm(8-13/16")
Swing in gap diameter 476mm(18-3/4") 502mm(19-3/4")
length in gap 210mm(8-1/4")
Center height 166mm(6-1/2") 179mm(7")
Admits between 750mm(30") or 1000mm(40")
Spindle bore 38mm(1-1/2") or 40mm(1-9/16")
Spindle nose D1-4 or D1-5
Taper in nose No5 morse
Speeds number 8
Speeds range 70-2000r/min
Cross slide travel 170mm(6-11/16")
Compound rest travel 95mm(3-9/16")
Lead screw thread 8T.P.I. or 3mm pitch
Feed rod diameter 19mm(3/4")
Cutting tool max section 16mm×16mm(5/8"×5/8")
Threads imperial pitches 42 Nos.  4-112T.P.I
Threads metric pitches 44 Nos.  0.1-7mm
Threads diametral pitches 25 Nos.  16-112DP
Threads module pitches 34 Nos.  0.1-1.75MP
Longitudinal feeds imperial 24 Nos. 0.00168-0.1175"/rev
Longitudinal feeds metric 24 Nos. 0.046-3.249 mm/rev
Cross feeds imperial 32 Nos.  0.00046-0.03231"/rev
Cross feeds metric 24 Nos.  0.01-0.703 mm/rev
Quill diameter 32mm(1-1/4") or 42mm(1-21/32")
Quill travel 100mm(3-15/16")
Quill taper No3 morse
Main motor power 1.5kW (2HP)
Coolant pump power 40W (1/16HP)
Packing size (cm) 168×76×153(750mm) or 93×76×153(1000mm)
NG/GW (kg) 510/630(750mm) or 540/645(1000mm)