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  • Name: C6233/36/36V
  • Num: C6233/36/36V
  • Time: 2014-04-24
  • Views : 663
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◆Precision ground and hardened bed ways
◆The spindle is supported with precision roller bearings
◆Head stock gears are made of high quality steel ground and hardened
◆Easy operating speed change levers
◆Removable gap is provided for larger diameter work
◆Easy operating gear box has various feed sand thread cutting function
Specification Model
C6233×1000/1340 C6236×1000/1440 C6236V
Swing over bed 330mm(13″) 356mm(14″) 356mm(14″)
Swing over cross slide 195mm(7-5/8″) 220mm(8-5/8″) 220mm(8-5/8″)
Swing in gap diameter 475mm(18-11/16″) 506mm(20″) 506mm(20″)
Valid length of gap 145mm(5-11/16″)
Admits between 1000mm(40″)
Width of bed 206mm(8″)
Spindle nose D1-4
Spindle bore 38mm(1-1/2″)
Taper of spindle bore MT No.5
Range of spindle speed 16 changes 45~1800r/min 30~550r.p.m 155~3000r.p.m
Feed and threads  
Compound rest travel 95mm(3-3/4″)
Cross slide travel 180mm(7″)
Max. section of tool 16mm×16mm(5/8″×5/8″)
Lead screw thread 8T.P.I. or 4mm
Longitudinal feeds range 0.0012″~0.0294″/rev(Inch lathe) or 0.043~0.653mm/rev (Metric lathe)
Cross feeds range 0.0004″~0.01″/rev(Inch lathe) or 0.027~0.413mm/rev(Metric lathe)
Threads metric pitches 0.45~7.5mm(Inch lathe) or 0.4~7mm(Metric lathe)
Threads inch pitches 4~112T.P.I. (Inch lathe)or 4~56T.P.I. (Metric lathe)
Quill diameter 45mm(1-3/4″)
Quill travel 120mm(4-3/4″)
Quill taper MT No.3
Main motor power (double speeds) 1.5/2.4kW(2/3HP)
Coolant pump power 0.04kW
Dimension and weight  
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 182×74×124cm 182×74×125cm 182×74×125cm
Packing size (L×W×H) 193×76×158cm 193×76×158cm 193×92×159cm
Net weight 700kg 730kg 750kg
Gross weight 820kg 860kg 880kg
Standard accessories
·3 jaw chuck
·Tool box and tools 1
·Coolant system 
Special accessories
·Live center
·Quick change tool post &
·Taper turning attachment
·4 jaw chuck
·Face plate 
·Steady rest
·Follow rest